Yeah, you could certainly argue Villeneuve is building quite a resume as we speak, Hirokazu…
Philip Reamy

I totally agree with you on Villeneuve. I have loved everything he has come out with, besides Enemy and the end of Arrival. His name needs to be brought up more.

Fincher to me is one of the most underrated. I understand that some people believe he is a one trick pony in the sense that he only seems to deal with misanthropes and dark/twisted source material, but I find him to be one of the most technically sound directors we have and was robbed of an Oscar for the Social Network in favor of a film no one will ever watch again (Kings Speech).

I also like to look at directors and see how many of their films have a high re-watchability factor? How many of them have films that stand the test of time? Nolan to me has at least two that are SUPREMELY rewatchable (Dark Knight series and Inception). Directors who have a high number of rewatchable films are the best for me.

My criteria for a film that has high re-watchability:

  1. If its ever on tv you will watch till the end no matter what part its presently at.
  2. Contains 3–5 lines that the average person can recall from memory.
  3. Likable characters. I gotta like the people im spending time with if im gonna keep rewatching the same story (much like how you really have to like your old college friends if you’re going to reminisce the same drunk exploits of yesteryear).