How to Become Wealthier Today

Have you ever found yourself spending more money after getting a bonus or a raise at work? Have you found that there is little money left to save at the end of the month after having paid everyone else first?

Norcote Parkinson wrote a book called Parkinson’s Law where he isolates some limitations of us all and particularly focuses in on the behaviour of individuals within a group. In Parkinson’s Law, he writes, “Work expands to meet the time envelope allowed.” Meaning if we have 5 days to complete a task, it will take us 5 days to complete the task. If we were allowed 30 days to complete the same task, we would take 30 days to complete the task.

Parkinson’s law also states that “a luxury, once enjoyed, becomes a necessity” and “expenses rise equal to income” In a financial context, we can define Parkinson’s Law as: the more you earn, the more you spend. When our income increases, our expenses rise to meet or exceed that increase. We are always working against Parkinson’s Law.

One way to evade Parkinson’s Law is by establishing a wealth infrastructure and system to beat it within your wealth plan. As Robert Kiyosaki said, “It’s not how much money you make, but how much you keep and how hard you make that money work for you that will determine if you will be rich or poor.”

You can set up a separate account in which you can make weekly or monthly deposits. These deposits can be set as a fixed amount or a percentage of the money you earn. This will ensure that a percentage of every dollar that comes into your personal economy is automatically captured in a separate account. You can automate this infrastructure so it removes the “human element” from it.

This “wealth capture account,” helps you pay yourself first, thus capturing your wealth before it is exposed to Parkinson’s Law. By transferring about 10–20% of the income you earn into a “wealth capture account”, you are building liquid savings reserves that can be accessed for emergencies, as well as for capitalizing on investment opportunities.

You can use a savings account, money market account or a high cash value permanent insurance policy to set up this “wealth capture account”. Setting up your “wealth capture account” using a high cash value dividend paying whole life insurance policy, structured according to the Infinite Banking Concept not only supercharges your savings, but also gives you access to unmatched guarantees, advantages, and benefits. It also allows the same dollar to do many different things at the same time.

If you are a real estate investor this also creates more other areas where you can benefit from cashflow, leverage and velocity. Three very powerful concepts in a real estate investment strategy.

Setting up an infrastructure and system to capture your wealth is something that can be done today.

You can combat the effects of Parkinson’s Law starting today and start to build your warehouse of wealth TODAY.

Structuring and automating your cash flow to combat Parkinson’s Law can help you take that first step to building your wealth today.

Yours in purpose and prosperity,

M.C Laubscher

M.C. Laubscher is the President and Chief Wealth Strategist of Valhalla Wealth Financial and creator and the host of the popular business, investing and financial podcast, The Cashflow Ninja. (