A mug project done by an Art minor at Ole Miss

Senior, Erin McCain creating mugs in her ceremics class. She is a General Studies major and Art is one of her three minors. She said that she enjoys the class, but that it takes her a while to complete the projects and that her classmates help her a lot.

By: Claire Lewis

McCain wedging the clay to decrease air bubbles. On Monday night, in Meek hall.
She is meticulously pinching the sides of the clay to form the shape of a mug. “This takes a lot of time, because you are forming the shape of the mug,” McClain said.
“I usually ask for help from my classmates, because I am not the best at shaping these” McCain said as she is laughing.
The classroom setting after hours in Meek Hall. It is cluttered and has remainings of clay on most of the tables and stools.
The final product from McCain on Monday night, different sized mugs and handles. Later this week she will paint and glaze the mugs.
McCain’s hands were filthy from handling the wet clay. She had to wash them multiple times when she was moving to the next step. “Everyone’s hands get dirty, but that’s what makes it fun,” McCain said.