The Greatest Vision of Walt Disney

Epcot at construction —

There is something to be said about a man that looked at a bunch of land with nothing more than a swamp and created a whole new industry out of it.

Walt Disney was one of the most impressive visionaries that once existed and when you visit one of his theme parks you can easily see that. People from Europe, South America, West Coast, people from all over the world come down to Orlando to visit the Magic Kingdom of Disney.

Recently I have visited Orlando and more specifically I have visited the Hollywood Studios from Disney. A smaller theme park but it has it’s glory. Rides, attractions, entertainment … just like any other theme park. It was though Disney Springs, formerly known as Downtown Disney, that impressed me.

About a year ago Disney Springs was still called Downtown Disney and it was a bit more as a themed mini-shopping center with Disney stores and themes. Now it has become more than a simple mini-shopping center and within one year it was transformed to an attraction by itself.

We are talking about street adjustments, a whole new building for a parking lot, re-using the existing parking lot as space for new stores, applying new structure on existing space to make it more attractive. Added to that, live music in several spots of the plaza. That is a true business vision that required overcoming a huge engineering challenge. Bravo!

It is true that Disney Springs was created post Walt Disney but this is the part that I believe it was the greatest vision of this man: Teach dreamers to become visionaries so Disney could still be the land of making dreams reality.