The importance of MVP

MVP or minimum viable product is a concept largely used on the software industry and it has a value that most of the times is not noticed. MVP in any project diminishes the excuse of we don’t have time.

I have heard this before, don’t recall where, but this is how an MVP should be understood. Suppose that your project is to release a Subway system, what then would be the minimal viable product that would suffice the needs of the users in a subway system?

The answer for that: 1 train, 1 rail and 2 stations.

No, you don’t need the whole network of rails and stations and several trains to make a subway system work, you only need 1 train, 1 rail and 2 stations interconnected.

It is true that it will not work for all your user audience but it will work for an initial launch and that MVP can now be worked and progressed to add a new station and a rail connecting it. This process will go on and on and on till the system is completed.

That is the true benefit of a MVP being able to construct something that will address the initial concern of your audience in a timely matter.

MVP is not only for products. It’s concept can be safely used while building a feature. If a whole feature requires a month to be completed, determine what is the minimum requirements that will work for your user base and release that, then move forward with another iteration.

With proper knowledge and use, MVP will avoid the excuse of “there is not time for that” but it will generate the need of understanding that it wont be feature complete till the needs of the audience are fully satisfied.

In the end a MVP will be a moving target just like your product, but it has its benefits and it also provides an answer to constructing a feature in timely matter while adjusting for the audience needs.

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