Why Loch Ness Monster will never been proven true

This article is a simple extend over a conversation that started at the office today.

The conversation was simply themed around a simple question: are mermaids mamals even if they lay down eggs.

Conversation went so deep that it went to a platiplus and then to the Loch Ness Monster.

One of the teories around Loch Ness is that it is a sort of dinosaur or large fish. Either case makes proving that it exists true barely impossible. Think about it:

  • Proof is required and a piece of skin wont cut it. The only option would be bringging the beast alive.
  • If that is not possible then, a photo or video … maybe but those are always blurred
  • The only option remaing is someone saying that he seen it and yeah that is not scientific

So, sadly, we will never prove that Loch Ness exists and neither that Mermaids are mamals, even if they lay down eggs.

Btw: if there was a Reddit dedicated to Mermaids it should have one for Loch Ness….

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