From the Other Half

I may have read the sweetest love stories, tear-jerking proposals, unexpected first date, and cheesiest confessions. But ours would be the best I’ll ever write.

When you’re already on your twenties, you know how romantic relationships are so fragile. It’s easy to fall in and out of love — today, you’d promise the moon and the stars, but by tomorrow, these promises seem to disappear or to never have been made.

Relationships often fail to the test of time. Sometimes, when the other have gone tired, lost its interest, or of distance. Who knows? But when two are perfectly for each other, and able to spend the day being satisfied, everything is beautiful.

You see my flaws.

I see your flaws.

Love is true.

The future is just around the corner, we don’t know what’s in store for us. But I hope you’ll be there when the sun starts to set.

Time is easily lost and cannot be retrieved. But every time I spend it with you, they are worth every single of it.

The best things in my life happened by chance. You gave me the chance to talk to you when you offered me your graham balls. You gave me the chance to get to know you by sending me a direct message on Twitter. The awkward his and hellos exchange in the halls of our university. Days when you’d text me, asking if we still have our class. During the Model United Nations preparation, you helped me with the papers. The first time you hugged me when you broke the news of me being the Chief of Staff. Every time I’d go to where you do your thesis, you’d be okay with it. And when I’d wait for your ride home, I’d stay because I wanted you safe. That time when you got my letter during your Baccalaureate Mass.

I never knew, love was starting to bloom. Love is strange and funny. Love gets the best side of you. Love is clueless, I only know a thing or two with timing. Love is when all the love song you know starts to make sense.

I’ve been wanting to tell you how deeply you are loved by me. I couldn’t tell you in person, so I’m telling the rest of the world. You are worthy to be loved.

I couldn’t tell you, so I write about our love story. I couldn’t tell you, so I poured all my love to the rest of the world; you are my delight, you are the color to my rainbow. I couldn’t tell you, so I told them our love story.

Te amo. It is you whom I love. For over the month and still counting, we have the love that’s lost but our hearts found each other with all the satisfaction we could get.

Te amo. It is you whom I love. You are worth every bit of love.