Home Is Where the Chocolate Chip Cookies Are

After a whirlwind weekend in Clemson, South Carolina, my roommates and I were excited to hunker down and watch the season premiere of one of our favorite shows, This Is Us. It had been a difficult week so far; after a 5:50 a.m. flight back to Boston, numerous exams and papers, and the realization that Parents’ Weekend was just days away, many of us were on the verge of breakdowns. However, for an hour filled with camaraderie, laughs, and wine, we were committed to leaving our stressors behind and enjoying the company of one another. To our dismay, the cable in our room would not pick up the channel. After spending about 30 minutes attempting to stream live cable on our computers, we surrendered. Then, in room filled with despair, came a shining beacon of hope: I noticed chocolate chip cookie mix sitting on the kitchen counter.

We scrambled to find the necessary ingredients and were soon on our way to to warm, chocolate happiness. Chocolate chip cookies, regardless of situation or mood, never fail to permeate the room with with laughter and the sweet aroma of home. Despite our 12 different home states and towns, a single batch of cookies made us all feel back at home in our parents’ kitchens.

The Betty Crocker packaging caught my eye from across the room.
When it comes to chocolate chip cookies, less is more. This Betty Crocker 3-ingredient cookie mix is impossible to beat.
Sam insisted on mixing the dough with her hands because it’s what her mom always did.
Becca tried to sneak a bite of cookie dough without anyone noticing, which provoked all 12 of us to try a peliminary taste.
We took great care in placing the dough evenly on the cookie tray.
We placed the cookie dough 1.5 inches apart for optimal success.
It took all of our willpower not to eat the balls of cookie dough off of the cookie sheet.
Becca placed the tray into the oven. We left the cookies in the oven at 375 degrees for 10 minutes.
We let the cookies cool for 5 minutes before we plated them.
The moment of truth — the 12 of us raced to try the first bite.
The room was filled with laughter as we finished the entire plate of cookies within 20 minutes.
After a week full of losses, these cookies provided us with a win.
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