I Give Trump Six Months

I know people have been making predictions and bets about how long Trump will last in office. I myself said 1 year or less. But I really do think Trump’s days are numbered.

Trump has said and done a ton of controversial things, but not denouncing Nazi’s and then blaming his failure to denounce them on the media is a bad look.

I mean Don. Come on. Did you forget about WW2? Nazi’s have literally been an enemy the United States has bonded over for decades. Hitler, Richard Spencer, Baked Alaska. American’s love to hate these guys, and for great reason. For you to protect them is an incredible display of poor charachter, morals, heart, emotion, and basic human decency.

And I don’t like hearing the “free speech” argument. Free speech or not, if someone rolls up to a public university spouting anti-semitic and white power oriented chants you denounce them. They may have the right to say that, but you as a President have the right, neigh, the responsibility to denounce them in the harshest possible terms.

It is for this reason why I think Trump’s days are numbered. He has shown some true colors this past week that I think are going to mark him for the remainder of his presidency and his life. He poured jet fuel on an already out of control fire, and we are already seeing some effects. High ranking officials such as the Intel CEO are leaving his advisory board at an astonishing rate.

This is the beginning of the end. Before this incident the right has been more or less united behind big Don, but the cracks are really starting to give way. The Republican Party is imploding and people are going to start abandoning Trump to save themselves. I say six months is all this guy has left, or until he does something worse. And what is worse than not denouncing Nazi’s, spouting racial epithets, being a misogynist, and an all around shitty guy? Well I don’t know but I’m sure this guy can come up with something.

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