Women — You’re Not Just Not Good Enough

Not against personal choice at all but from reading a sampling of a cross section of woman’s lifestyle and gossip magazines (not mine, i swear!) they all seem to have one core message.

You, the woman, are not good enough………

……unless you buy this makeup to make yourself beautiful or wear these shows that Scarlett Johansson wears and then you will be beautiful like her too.

That’s just the adverts. But once you have bought it and your life isn’t better you get the come down. No worries, Look at these other women ‘failing’ in they’re lives.

They’re ‘fat’, have ‘shit marriages’, they’re single and therefore ‘ugly’, they cant look after kids and work at the at the same time because they are just shit. Hey look she has cellulite!

You are not good enough. You want to feel better, be beautiful? Then buy this fucking Prada bag now!!!

And repeat and extend to social media so they can target you every minute of the day through instagram, facebook etc.

Is it any wonder that we have a mental health crisis in young women. How could anyone possibly deal with this amount of negativity thrown at them constantly.

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