The Rite of Spring

Listening to the Rite of Spring,
Glossy dreams and moody things,
Long lost chains and golden rings,
And all those things that used to mean so much,
Inside my fragile mind,
Of paintings smeared with turpentine,
Of coats and ties, and ties that bind,
So tight inside my fragile slighted heart,
Of rust and phoenix spark,
Angels flickering through the dark,
Poking through this fleshy tarp,
That houses bark and biting,
Pure emotions bent on getting red,
And leaving stains of whiskey sweat,
My only remnants on the bed,
My rite of spring…the words I said

“The Rite of Spring” appears in my book of poetry entitled “Self-Abusive Musings” available for purchase on Amazon:

along with my other works:

poetry: Love and Angst, but Mostly Angst, The Song and Dance Begins, 50 Pages, 50 Pages II

novels: A Jester’s Tear (part one): The Dark Prince

screenplay: Clean, The Irreverent, Skids

film: Teratogeny

music (as Butterfly Bush): Teratogeny (OST), Horny Jesus, Bloodletting, Maid In Canada

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