The “fucking stupidity” I’m seeing in this discussion is the following:
Joshua Elliot Caplan

Trump is reviled by members of his own party — even those who are endorsing him tolerate him, at best. Furthermore, the Republican Party will almost assuredly lose control of Congress this election cycle, meaning that any Justices he tries to appoint will have to make it through Democrats. Add to this that Trump has zero political experience and doesn’t actually know what the hell he’s doing, and you’ve got a do-nothing, one-term president. I’m chagrined by the idea, but not afraid of it.

I don’t deny that his ideology is more belligerent than HRC’s. But her ideology is one that /could actually come to pass/, and that possibility legitimately horrifies me.

Lastly, if you don’t think progressive justices will make it to SCOTUS, then why bring up Citizens United, etc in the first place? You’ve defeated the very point you were trying to make.

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