So, about two months ago I came across CryptoGrowthHub on Facebook when a user made a comment about how she is earning so many litecoins without any work on her part through an organization she heard about through her colleague and all of that.

My first impression was this is yet another Ponzi scheme being advertised cheekily through a very random yet fake facebook account. Out of curiosity, I decided to do some research on the account that posted the comment and was able to verify her existence online. My sentiments started to change, I decided to have a look at the website and was fairly impressed but I did not see much when I searched google asides a couple of investors encouraging you to sign up with their referral links to gain 3% bonus (in my mind; wise move to get people to invest). I dropped the thought and never returned to the website till I came across another comment on facebook from a totally different account posting referral links from the website asking people to join through his link.

Out of constant curiosity, I kept going back to check out the website from time to time. On many occasions I tried to lure the live chat support staff to give details and assurance on how legitimate the organization is. I kept getting assured every time but was never given full details on how the website generates such outrageous returns in so little time.

I eventually decided to give it a go in mid-October with the minimum investment possible, a thousand dollars. I logged onto my earlier created account (I created an account on one of the days while doing a research to see how the website looked like) and created an investment, I sent the required amount of Ethereum and sent a mail to notify them of my investment, I got a mail immediately confirming my investment and my investment status changed to APPROVED and the day of my ROI was stated. I kept checking back all through the week and was assigned an account officer which kept emailing me on new developments in the organization and answered every question I threw at them.

On the 7th day, I got a mail notifying me that my ROI would be ready and added to my wallet that day. Later that day, another mail came in, notifying me that my ROI was ready and added to my wallet balance and also available for withdrawal. If I would like a rollover, I should inform my account officer within 24 hours after it’s paid into my wallet. I was baffled at how professional and automated the system was. I decided to withdraw as I could not totally trust them till I see my funds in my external wallet. I was informed my withdrawal will take between 10–120 minutes. In 30 minutes, I got an email notification from blockchain (I use blockchain wallet) that I had been credited with my funds. A little while after, a message from Cryptogrowthhub followed notifying me of this payment. I was wowed. For the next two weeks, I kept trying out the system and the referral program. It all went smooth without any form of troubles.

The following are my deductions:


1. The live support staffs do not have as much information on your account as your account officer and would always refer you to your account officer for further clarifications.

2. No 2FA implemented.

3. No mobile application.


1. Simple but effective interface.

2. Interactive 24/7 Live Chat support Staffs.

3. Designated account officers.

4. Top Notch Professionalism.

5. Zero fees on withdrawal.

6. Allows multiple investments.

7. On-time service delivery.

8. Accepts up to 4(four) cryptocurrencies.

This is in no way an investment advice, do your own research as well…