Gender as Represented in Spec Script Deals: 1991–2016
Scott Myers

I truly appreciate your tracking and sharing this info, Scott. I saw one of your posts a few weeks ago rounding up recent spec sales either here or on twitter — I can’t remember which — and felt disheartened at its all-maleness. I posted a comment as such. Later I felt awful that all I had to offer at that moment was my vexed disappointment with the Hollywood stacked deck.

However — let it be known. I believe you offer the very best collection to be found anywhere (including graduate film schools) of tools to surmount those seeming impossible odds: of succeeding as a screenwriter. And you do so in a way that’s gender and color blind.

Your classes, blog posts, tweets, seminars, and interviews aim to self-empower us as screenwriters and storytellers. To enable us to make sound choices in the business sphere as well. I thank you for this. It’s made a profound difference in my growth as a writer, and as human being.

Thank you for making a difference, Scott.

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