I interviewed Kennaa Yared, a sophomore in the Huntley House this year. I asked him a few questions to see how his first year without Huntley, was different from his second year in the LLC.

Q: Tell me a little bit about your background, where you come from.

A: “I am from Columbia Heights Minnesota, I’m the 2nd one in my family to go to college, my parents went to some college but I don’t think they finished.”

Q: Why did you decide to join Huntley House? Has it improved your experience from first and second year?

A: “When you’re at MCAE which is is a Huntley study session they provide food and that helps motivate you to study. Being in college I have learned how to utilize free food and being in Huntley I have found that MCAE study sessions are very helpful, I also like that 17th has a lot more options for food. Since I’ve been in Huntley I have never had to use the campus connector because we live in 17th, last year I lived in Bailey Hall in St. Paul, so Huntley has helped a lot with convenience, its been easier to get places.”

Q: Is Huntley House what you though it would be?

A: “It is what I thought it would be, a group of people doing stuff together sharing experiences with people that are alike. If I knew about the Huntley House during my freshman year, I definitely would have joined but I am glad I joined as a sophomore.”

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