Pet Peeves in Novels
elizabeth tobey

I admire your commitment to finish anything. I just picked up Wild Truth and could not bring myself to finish it. As interesting as a few details of the backstory that led Christopher McCandless Into the Wild were — her writing was so terrible, by by time I slogged my way to the middle of the book, I lost my will to know the truth. And she gives away the interesting details in the first few chapters, the rest of the book is mostly about her life — which sort of felt like a bait and switch.

It was written like a teenage diary. She described an entire dinner scene without any dialogue. How is that even possible? She had a good story, and ruined it by telling us what she though about the whole thing.

Pet peeve: please, for god sake, just show me what happened, write the god damn story — spare us from your boring opinions and tedious reflections.

Caveat: Super funny and interesting thinkers, this does not apply to you. Please share all.

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