Investment casting is the process in which creates netcast parts, which means after its made its ready to use. This process is quick and is very cost efficient. The process starts off with creating wax patterns by injection molten wax into an aluminum die. So you have a mold of the desired shape of your object made out of wax, which is then sent off to be dipped in ceramic coating, just like dipping a strawberry in chocolate. After this step is completed you then cut the mold in half and melt the wax away leaving you with a patterned and shelled out shape. Just as if you cut the strawberry in half and are left with the pattern of the strawberry seeds on the chocolate shell. This mold is then put into a kiln to fire the ceramic mold. The mold is then used for pouring metal, or another desired material into the mold to create your shape. The last step in this process is to remove the ceramic mold which is done by high pressure water jets, or vibration.