In the last decade, I’ve performed most of the roles involved in software development — coding, testing, functional analysis, project management, delivery management, sysadmin, product management & marketing, business development, startups, investor relations. I proved my technical skills at Travelocity and showcased my soft skills at ideeli and RingCaptcha. …

Seems these days people are enamored with productivity posts, apps, tools, websites, businesses, etc. Every one of them selling the chance of getting those 5 glamorous minutes back from your life so you can spend them on something that matters to you, like watching the new House of Cards season.

There’s a common belief in people that suggests skills are innate to us and cannot be changed. Either you were born as an olympic swimmer or you were not. Those who believe in this are setting constraints to themselves.

After a lot of research, psychologists have found that skills can…

Migrating off Wordpress into Medium

I’ve decided to migrate off my Wordpress blog and my countless posts :D to Medium. Hopefully, now that medium has become a short-blogging medium also on iOS, I’ll post more stuff frequently.

Martin Cocaro

All Things Tech. Helping developers implement two-step with RingCaptcha. Former rower, current chef apprentice.

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