In the last decade, I’ve performed most of the roles involved in software development — coding, testing, functional analysis, project management, delivery management, sysadmin, product management & marketing, business development, startups, investor relations. I proved my technical skills at Travelocity and showcased my soft skills at ideeli and RingCaptcha. Without a real understanding of why I *needed* to do each of these things, it now makes sense to me why I did it.

I can do anything as long as I make up my mind of doing it, I will keep trying to improve — it’s in my nature as…

Seems these days people are enamored with productivity posts, apps, tools, websites, businesses, etc. Every one of them selling the chance of getting those 5 glamorous minutes back from your life so you can spend them on something that matters to you, like watching the new House of Cards season.

Everyone keeps complaining that they don’t have time. I want to build a startup, run these marketing campaigns, hire a new dev, fundraise, have a kid, buy a house, blah blah blah. I’m sure your list is full of productivity wasters. Even bet you have some items in your list…

For a few years now, I’ve been wanting to get a tattoo but haven’t decided what to do. My preferred spots are forearms, navel zone and ankles, in that order. The reason I haven’t got one yet is because I couldn’t make up my mind what the heck to tattoo.

My twin brother got a rowing boat tattoo on his back below the neck, pretty slick. …

F**k! @dtrinh’s new app: Free takes me straight to my iTunes on my Mac. That’s useless since I don’t sync my iPhone with my Mac at all.

Dreadful “Free” App Store download experience

Free is a vague name and it matches almost 70k apps in the store. It wasn’t until I tried “free spend time” that I was able to get it.

If you hate searching in the App Store as much as I do, just have any latest Product Hunt app texted to your phone.

There’s a common belief in people that suggests skills are innate to us and cannot be changed. Either you were born as an olympic swimmer or you were not. Those who believe in this are setting constraints to themselves.

After a lot of research, psychologists have found that skills can be learned. What is even more fascinating is that those “innate” skills were taught during childhood by our environment. Actions slowly becoming habits, moving off to our “adaptive unconscious” — that place in the brain that does things without us even having to think on doing them (e.g.: breathing, watching…

Migrating off Wordpress into Medium

I’ve decided to migrate off my Wordpress blog and my countless posts :D to Medium. Hopefully, now that medium has become a short-blogging medium also on iOS, I’ll post more stuff frequently.

Martin Cocaro

All Things Tech. Helping developers implement two-step with RingCaptcha. Former rower, current chef apprentice.

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