Sarah: All men are cheats!
Thelma: why’s that?

Sarah: I caught him in the act!
Thelma: who are you referring to?

Sarah: Prince cheated on me with Beth!
Thelma: Sorry to hear about this.

Above is a typical dialogue between two friends. Spot the oddities.

Narrating an evident or a story to someone is an inevitable happening in our daily interaction in life. As we have verbal intercourse every now and then with people, there is the need to implore the right and simple strategies not to bore your listeners inorder to ensure an effective communication.

I have observed and discovered two ways of sharing a story. I call them Apex Inclination and Hold My Hands. …

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Krymoh — CSS Framework

I started web application development some years ago and I must say it’s been a roller-coaster ride beyond any reasonable doubt. As internet connectivity litters the globe, the need to build applications and products to soar on the wings of this innovation has never been pressing a need than it is now.

My first website I built was obviously a personal website [just playing it safe] which never got live and currently sits idly in my Google drive😫😥. As you would have imagined, this website was literally lifeless, aside the fact that it was structurally incorrect in accordance with the HTML & CSS syntax, at some points I must say — you can literally feel the tranquil effect it gives when the website is visited in my web browser , very static and graphically non-intuitive — quite depressing huh! …

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Writing! I am made to believe is and does a whole lot of things to people. I am privileged to have had a firsthand experience of how therapeutic this could be as it sometimes allows one to pour out his/her emotions, feelings, thoughts and the like into words.

In light of this understanding today I decided to write & publish my FIRST MEDIUM POST. As simple as this line seems, I must say it has been an activity I’ve battled to do for a while now up until today. I have always loved literature and reading great master pieces have this feeling that English vocabulary is deficient in its description. All though these things come to me naturally, I have always been hesitant to make THE MOVE. I have tons and thousands of reasons not to write and these reasons are quite genuine to my other self which clad itself in procrastination. …

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