Who doesn’t love the Old Spice guy?

Need For Affiliation

While watching the Old Spice commercial called And So It Begins, the appeal of need for affiliation is overwhelming. The commercial shows the guy in every Old Spice commercial in a bunch of different settings talking to women about how their men smell. The commercial is trying to sell Old Spice body wash to men. This commercial uses the need for affiliation (fear of rejection) in order to advertise/sell their body wash.

The first way the commercial uses the need for affiliation is by using what the guy is saying. He talks about what your man will be able to do and how he will act once he uses old spice. The men get the message that if they do not use this product their lady will not like them anymore and will want to find a man who uses it.

Another way the company uses the need for affiliation in their ad is through the Old Spice guy’s body and looks. The man is very muscular and toned and is also very attractive. The commercial makes it seem like a person who uses the product will look like him. And all the men want to look like him because they want their lady to like them and stay with them. They fear if they do not use this product to look this way they will be rejected.

Overall, this commercial is very effective. The way Old Spice uses the need for affiliation/rejection of fear is key. They make men scared not to buy the product. Rejection is a very powerful emotion and this commercial uses this fact perfectly. Who wouldn’t want to be with someone who looks like the Old Spice guy?

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