If you don’t know how to win the interview dress code game yet, this article is for you!

The General Rules

Do your research! I suppose I don’t need to tell you the importance of “doing your homework” before coming to ANY interview. If you end up wearing a conservative suit for a creative agency interview, or anything with tribal patterns to a McKinsey interview, it’s like coming to the battle without the “right” armor. You get defeated!

Down below is much more detailed information. But if you can only get one or two takeaways from this article, here they are.

Rule 1: Don’t stand out.

It is best when the interviewer doesn’t notice anything weird about the way you dress. At first, this sounds strange. Yet it is the hard truth. Instead, you want to stand out in the way you talk, the energy you bring to the table, and how you solve problems; not the way you dress. The appearance, on the other hand, should be as conservative as possible, especially in consulting interviews. …

Here is one question I get quite a lot all the time:

“I know what management consultants do is to solve business problems of their clients. But at the end of the day, I still don’t get the details of a consultant’s life. In other words, what does a day in the life of a consultant look like?”

I honestly put off answering these types of the question so many times. Not that I don’t like the question, but it is hard to tell you about a “typical” day in the life of a consultant. One of the most interesting yet intimidating features of working in management consulting is the unpredictability of your workday. There is no single day like another. There is nothing as a “typical” day. You’ll never know what today is going to bring. …

Management Consulting versus Investment Banking!

Two of the most prestigious career choices for business students.
Two of the highest-paying jobs.
Two lands of the smartest people.
Two places to forget about
work-life balance.
Two career tracks that deeply transform you both personally and professionally.

Now landing a job in either one of them is already a dream for many, but if you are somewhat like me … you don’t want to let destiny control your future, and are really keen on finding the best career for you even if they are somehow identical, this article will be interesting!

Hello there, this is Kim Tran, a former McKinsey management consultant.
To be frank, I am not pretending to be objective because, from the bottom of my heart, I love management consulting. I will try to be as fact-based as possible, though some points might be quite biased. Anyway, let’s see it from my viewpoint as a management consultant. …

MConsulting Prep

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