The Final Girls To Present ‘The Eyes of My Mother’ in 35mm

One of the best horror films I saw in 2016 was The Eyes of My Mother, a monochromatic nightmare about a young necrophile living out in the sticks. It might sound messed up — and that’s because it is— but it’s also incredibly beautiful and a very clever piece of film-making.

Directed by Nicolas Pesce, making his feature debut, The Eyes of My Mother will screen at Picturehouse Central in the West End, on Saturday 25 March, presented by brilliant film programmers The Final Girls (Olivia Howe and Anna Bogutskaya). What’s more, it’s showing as a 35mm engagement (it’s Pesce’s own

I wanted to flag this London screening event because The Final Girls are doing the Lord’s work with their consistently excellent horror-focused programming, The Eyes of My Mother is a really great movie and you’d be a total schmuck if you missed it!

I caught it at BFI London Film Festival and you can read my glowing review right here.

Tickets for the screening are on sale right now from the Picturehouse website. It’s probably going to be your one chance to watch it from a 35mm print, and it’s only £8. What more do you want?

You can follow The Final Girls via their Twitter page and keep up to date with screening announcements.