Innovator’s Grit
Beth Comstock

Your thoughts make me think of 3 things:

  • The idea to help everyone around you grow makes me think of Leadership Agility, which I’m guessing you might already have read
  • Learning to be comfortable with ambiguity, experimentation and unknowns makes me think of Design Thinking — not as a end-all-be-all tool, but in terms of how we can teach these attitudes and create corporate cultures around that
  • And something you hinted at but perhaps didn’t bring in as explicitly is the idea of the community helping each other innovate. I wrote this article on Intrapreneurship last month, after looking up a lot of literature on the topic and I discovered that it’s a complete myth that we innovate alone. I thought it was an interesting concept because Grit, which you mention, is part of that equation: feeling supported and encouraged by the environment means that even people who are not innovators can contribute to that stickiness by supporting those who try new things. I’d like to see more dialogue around the power of the ecosystem, as opposed to individual skills only.
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