iPad Pro 11” – my first thoughts

After 24h with the 11” iPad Pro, hare are my 10 take-aways:

  • The screen is amazing. Edge to (almost) edge is great
  • Some apps aren’t optimised for the full screen real estate that. Bit of getting used to. Even some big players like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Content consumption apps – that’s unfortunate. No doubt updates will come.
  • Most content creation apps have been updated – iWork, iLife etc. Sketches School is still needing to be updated.
  • The pencil looks and feels great. Charging and pairing are just so simple.
  • I’ve read that some people don’t like the Smart Keyboard folio. The lack of a backlight or media control keys aren’t great and would be welcome, but honestly – this thing is so thin it’s hard not to be impressed. I had the Logitech Create for 9.7” Pro and it was certainly my favourite case of the past few years. The wrap around makes this a perfect device for everyday on the go work. Ideal for school.
  • The use of the pencil with the smart switch gesture control is awesome. You can customise this in settings and it works across apps. Ive used the smart switch in Notes, Linea and Procreate. Makes it simple to switch between pencil and eraser.
  • This iPad feels really comfortable to hold and use. I use it on my lap a lot when doing work at night (usually with my feet elevated) and was always afraid the 10.5” would fall, I used the 11” (A LOT) last night and it was fine. The smart folio certainly helps.
  • The lack of two of full size apps in split view is still something to consider with the 11” Pro. Same as it’s 10.5” sibling, apps are still the condensed version when in split view. If working with 2 full size apps side by side is a deal breaker for you then the 12.9” pro is for you.
  • The cost is extreme. As this pro doesn’t work with any of the Apple accessories form the previous generation (pencil/Smart Keyboard) you need to replace everything if you plan on using this in the same way. Even the non keyboard folio is £90.
  • The speed on this is on a par with MacBook style processing speeds. I’ve been running GarageBand, Ferrite, Luma Fusion, Anchor and Pixelmator on this without any drop or app crashes. Seriously powerful for an iPad. Just wish a tablet optimised version of iOS with proper file management and windowing was available. Fingers crossed for iOS 13….

Grade: A