Customising the Footer in Active Admin

While an admin screen is normally for internal use, sometimes you might want to add an external library or a couple of lines of your own code to the footer. In my case, I wanted to add Inspectlet to our footer as we wanted to be able to track what someone had done when they encounter a bug in our admin system.

Its not hard to do, but I spent a fair amount of time trying to find out how to do this, so hopefully this will save you some time rather than trawling the internet to find answers.

All you have to do is add a new file /app/admin/footer.rb and then to add some code like:

How to add Inspectlet script in Active Admin

And there you are! The Inspectlet script (or whatever you wanted to add) will be in the footer on every page of you active admin. I hope this helps save you a couple of minutes.