Responses from the 2016 Font Purchasing Habits Survey: Every statistically significant finding about gender

It’s that simple! I went through my results of the Font Purchasing Habits Survey and found every statistically significant result that related to gender. I have listed them below. If you haven’t seen the talk I gave about some results of the Font Purchasing Habits Survey at TypeCon 2016, the transcript is available here. Statistically significant means that the difference in responses is mathematically different enough to be meaningful.

Gendered characteristics in fonts:

  • More than 50% of people believe that fonts convey gender.

Where people shop:

  • Respondents who shop at free font retailers believe that fonts convey different genders significantly more than respondents who do not shop at free font retailers.

Perception of free fonts:

  • Women agree significantly more than men that when one font (that is part of a larger family) is free, they are more inclined to purchase the entire typeface family.

Other components of a font purchase:

  • Women check out promotional lists first when shopping for fonts significantly more than men.


Men and women report different discounts needed to buy a font that they like but do not need.

There is no statistically significant difference in opinion between men and women for the following statements:

  • “There are a few foundries that are my go-to for fonts. I check their fonts first to see if they have what I need before browsing.” Both groups highly agree with this statement.

The Font Purchasing Habits Survey was created, released, & analyzed before I became an employee of Monotype. The views and opinions expressed in this article are my own and are not necessarily those of Monotype.

Fonts, doughnuts, data. Works for @Monotype. Opinions are my own.

Fonts, doughnuts, data. Works for @Monotype. Opinions are my own.