The 2017 Font Purchasing Habits Survey Results

Thanks Scout Books!


There are an equal number of male and female respondents!
As you can see, the age distribution is spread nicely. No single group dominated too much.
67% of the population consider themselves professional users. In the survey question, casual is defined as “using them for mostly personal projects that don’t create income” and professional is defined as “using them as a part of their job.”
I also asked about the skill level of users. Of course, this is all self-reporting, and everyone’s definition of these labels are a bit different. But a result of 73% of the population being either intermediate or advanced, with a distribution like this is to be expected.
The average respondent uses 5 distributors.
57% of customers purchase 1–10 fonts per year. 11% of respondents say they only download free fonts.
I am really pleased with the distribution of responses, and it is more varied than last year. Each color represents a different country.


Dribbble users feel more positively about it than those who don’t use Dribbble. But it is still fairly close to neutral.
Behance users feel more positively about font subscriptions compared to those who don’t use Behance. This isn’t a surprise, because Behance is an adobe product and adobe has their successful Typekit subscription and creative cloud subscription.
Younger users feel neutral about font subscription service plans, while older users feel more negatively about it.


Of course it should be noted that people don’t always do what they say they are going to do.
Users who report that they have advanced or expert skill levels say they are willing to pay more.
Those who personally know a type designer are willing to pay more.
Professional users are willing to pay more.
Younger users are willing to pay more than older users.
MyFonts customers are willing to pay more than those who do not shop at MyFonts.


Takeaways: Smaller discounts don’t motivate “impulse buys.” To encourage impulse buying of your products, discounts should be at least 50%.

Customer Education

The general takeaway here is that customers feel like they are educated about font evaluation and confident about the font purchasing process.


Foundry Loyalty

State of the Type Industry

There are many differences between type designers and everyone else:



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