I’ve got a lot of ideas For Life

I’ll post these knowing what I write so no one can steal them and I can make some kind of collection and put all of my ideas in a book of some kind. I’m thinking some of my ideas could be unparalleled when I get to that level. But I’m going to track my thoughts and write them down as much as I can on everything I think about that’s relevant to write about. I have tons of ideas to write about and the sooner I get them down the better I can advance them. So everyday I’ll have fresh new thoughts to add and they’ll get more detailed, abstract and creative as I go. I’ll have so many words to write that go through me but I have yet made the habit to consistently write them down but they will be highly worth following. I want to map the evolution of my thought through the rest of my life. Einstein was one who wrote everything down all of the time wherever he went. George Carlin my favorite and probably the all time best comedian anyone’s ever seen said the key is to write down your ideas and I have so many floating around I just need to get them down I could pump out content non stop if I were able to make a living of this. There are other things yet I want to do then write I’ve gotten a taste from the multitude of jobs I’ve had. I only regret leaving a couple but I don’t regret leaving school to give them a try at all. Doing those has broadened my vistas a lot. Anyway I could write so much. It really all starts with the ideas that are produced from the brain regardless of any experiment. And so what one can adapts to the ability of acquiring ideas despite strong lab equipment through visual productions so an ability were it all starts anyway. Nevertheless I want to map my journey all the way through my life. I visualize myself with his own written library into his 90’s sitting in that rocking chair with the grey fainted hair that waves back with the pipe or not with the fireplace in the background writing and pumping out everything I have advanced in my age everything from now to see how advanced it becomes and where I’m at then doing what 90 year old can do which is write and read and not much else. Anyway its the words that one carries inside of him that defines him. Those are what carries out his actions. But on all topics I have so many ideas that keep evolving everyday. And I want to map this every specifically. This to me is what its all about. There is so much for me to put down. And once it is then its the writing that lives on and outlives the writer the ideas are preserved through writing. That’s the history of the person. And to me this is a precious thing no doubt. But just expanding creativity through expanding on ideas of the limits of what can be known and is humanly possible, what can makes us smarter, poetry, morals, human potential, and all topic anti aging-which I know little about, what plays into the outcome of reality which is what everything is about and fictional short stories and the evolution of characters and so forth and on and on and even alien and the future of mankind. So I have so many ideas brewing. But this will be one of my signatures of my life’s work. And there is much to be gained by writing ideas down before they are never retrieved again. (one I’ll write on which is specific and peculiar is what if we stopped tracking each other completely for even a week electronically how would that play out? Of course such a day existed but the difference is since we are so used to that now if we stopped what would happen? With the rest of the technology available?) To press on -oh but also my vision of how the apocalypse could happen just as an interesting climatic topic with humor to digress on with ideas on how this could happen and stop it). Quit obviously I want to expand and express and share all creativity for prosperity sake of the sharing of ideas as possible. Its about what we do but it all boils down to the sharing of ideas. Now everyday I’ll probably have some but I don’t want to be open about this much yet because just starting isn’t how I want my first impressions its when I have a lot of ideas out that then I put this out there. But I’ll be so far ahead at that point that no one can chase me down that way, which is my goal. I want to make this the start of a lifetime of work. And I’ve got plenty of material on every subject just simply as a free thinker. But the more I write the richer my ideas will become. Maybe I can even change culture for the better. I want to have a real impact, be a real inspiration in some way or other but the sharing of ideas is a good place to start.

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