Tesla’s Ether

The ether I have come to believe does in fact exist in not talking just a metaphysical way but a physical way as well even though we can’t always see it we can feel it. Nikola Tesla called this the luminous ether. If you don’t know who this man was he was an electrical engineer/inventor and the greatest inventor and scientist in all of history. You find this out studying him. He was a visionary and a futurist. He had the most creative mind and practically an alien like brain. He patented over 700 inventions that I know of and possibly more but had several more go unpublished as he did get scammed by other competitor inventors and rich bankers and the government and his lab burned down and other some misfortune. But he was on to giving the world free wireless energy, could cause earthquakes with his experiments of electricity and control the weather. He could do advanced physics and integral calculus equations in his head and could hold eight languages in his head at one time and could even further give us the entire modern world and invented and revolutionized the electrical age. All household appliances and electrical devices have his name written on them one way or another including T.V., radar, sonar, lasers, radio, guided missiles, motors, generators, cell phones and other transmission of wireless energy. All of these electrical inventions which started with his A.C. current and the electric car that is named after him and also neon light and fluorescent light bulbs and still many more inventions like the Tesla Coil are all due to him. He largely built the modern world and it could even be said the real act of globalization because our entire modern society is mainly based and run off of electricity which connects us all and the power grid is because of him. Tesla is the real start of the globalization age and movement. The information age came after him. But Tesla believed unlike Einstein in the Ether. That substance that is everywhere in which motion moves through and holds things together or is all pervasive in some way or another. And this would be electrostatic electricity and or electromagnetism or just plain electricity that is in the air and everywhere can be harnessed in one way or another? Well where does electricity come from? At what point in space can it be harnessed and not? And due to Tesla we know that electricity and travel through space and air without a wire. Maybe its an either than connects everything. Afterall were largely made of electricity and exist and are alive because of it. Its all inside of us through our nervous system and our brain exists because of electrically charged neurons or otherwise known as brain cells. So what does this mean? That electricity can be harnessed in some way anywhere and transmitted from anywhere to anywhere. Which is why his idea of free wireless energy unlimited in fashion to the world could have possibly been done. Wouldn’t an ether of electricity explain how a wireless transmission signal from a tower or by radio to radio or to T.V. or satellite to phone and phone to phone across long distances or even the other side of the world work? Not only do I believe Tesla its more than fact to me and it means the possibilities with electricity are virtually unlimited and one just has to study it and use the creative power of their mind to no end to make insurmountable contributions and inventions and creations and harness the power in a variety of ways for all kinds of different purpose to better mankind. Electricity is everywhere. And not only do I believe Tesla but I do believe he was the enlightened one and can enlighten us all. Electricity is our greatest source and nature’s best force of energy for us to harness that’s unlimited and continues on. Yes the ether my friends of electricity is real and is everywhere around us. At least in our atmosphere of planet Earth. Just think of lightning coming straight out of the sky. Now think how much energy we could have if we could harness the power of lightning bolts? But Tesla was right and his idea of an luminous ether is real. And its the electrical engineer’s that have this time outdone the physicists.