The Stream of Thought-Mankind’s future

What is a stream of thought? We have a number of ways communicating it but where does our next thought come from? How could it be predicted? Reading someone's mind isn’t the same as predicting their thoughts that’s reading their thoughts in real time as they happen. So how do we tap into this inner layer of what makes up a stream of thought that can be shared with another. Same with dreams. Oh where do we begin. We begin where real metaphysical scientists begin. A thought has to have a minimal of biological physiological material of brain matter that make up a thought. There’s electrical and chemical actions and reactions being exchanged between neurons embedded in gray matter which at an even deeper level is designated by electrons and is ultimately quantum. But when is it that quantum or electrons and the atom can produce a thought? They don’t in a desk or a brick or a cup or a car. So what does it take for the electrons to produce a thought in a human? And why is it what kinds of thought they produce? The stream of thought does it travel and through space and vibrate the same way sound does or can it rather? Because if it can this is where telepathic communication becomes possible. This I tell you is the future of mankind. Then we can understand each other instantly and the optimist and lift the pessimist and the psychologist the depressed and the enlightened enlighten the ignorant and elevated our status to a whole nother level eternally and with this we can never fail. And that begins our journey into the metaphysics of thought