A thought came to be briefly on how to end all wars. And one has to think back to what originally started it first. What conflict was it when it was a small amount of people just before it got uncivil and violent even if its centuries ago and how would one solve the dispute or crime against one another besides and without the weapons of mass destruction and apply the same thing politically to the bigger amount of people. I will expand on this idea later. a lot a lot more with an example or so and see what comes of it. The reason this is important is the same reason why its so important to study history and that is because its the past that makes and forms the present. Its the conflicts of the past that make the present the way it is so its by understanding the sequence of events that make the current present the way it is. So in order to understand the present we have to know the past and what led up to it. Same thing with war but what conflict escalated to war and when and how and going back and how that original thing could’ve been solved civility and intellectually and democratically is how that war and end today I believe. This philosophy may have the potential to end all war. But we first have to understand the boarders and location of where and what caused this war to happen in this location were the battle is specifically fought out from where it isn’t in the rest of the world and what location it was where the originally problem started. Then when it was those two or three people how would you have solved the dispute and apply to thousands it might work. Ambassador style.