Noticing OCD

Obsessive compulsive disorder

I’m new to this and I’ve been so unsure about writing my first post and whether or not to write a post about the mental health condition of OCD as I realise that everyone has different opinions on the condition. Although I suffered from severe OCD for five years from the age of 11–16 and I’m only just recently over coming the nasty monster named ‘OCD’ itself. Im currently gradually coming of the medication as its no longer necessary.

OCD will never leave me, many CBD therapists that I’ve seen for help have said that they believe that it’s part of me. I worry so much which leads to rituals such as checking that the doors are locked etc. Although I don’t mind this, I am a strong believer that Minor OCD is no issue; as long as it doesn’t start to take over your day to day routines.

Nevertheless I simply can’t put the nasty condition behind me because I know that there are so many people suffering from it, some without even noticing it.

If you are someone reading my post thinking something along the lines of “I’m obsessed with making sure that all my trainers are in a perfectly straight line and it drives me insane” maybe this could be that you have OCD. Not necessarily severe, it may just be there. But believe me the monster named OCD only grows and gets bigger. The best help I was ever given was when my psychiatrist said to me “each time you follow an instruction from the monster you are feeding him, therefore he will grow bigger and stronger, meaning he will have more control over you.”

Don’t feed the monster, starve him

Many people thought I was mad when I told them about my obsessive compulsive disorder. But this shouldn’t be the case, no-one deserves to be scared or in denial of OCD. It’s a condition that anybody can over come if I can. The day I was told that my OCD was out of control and that it was the worst case my psychiatrist had ever come across. I strongly believed that there was no getting away. It was almost as though I had fed my monster into the biggest and most strongest body builder in the world! But gradually over time I starved him that much by ignoring what my mind was telling me to do that he died. The feeling is amazing.

I hope that by reading this post people can realise that OCD isn’t as big of a problem as it is made out to be. You can get through it.

Just don’t ignore it

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