I think it’s quite sad that now whenever someone gets up to leave the library, I have to look to confirm that they didn’t leave any packages. Is this what life has become? A constant fear for one’s safety? Is this all life is about? Paranoia slowly paving the way for dementia? Nowhere is safe anymore they said, what happened to the days when you went to motor parks to pick up your loved ones, not to identify their corpses? 🤐

#DontLetTheDevilUseYou #SayNoToTerrorism

Another girl has opened up about her rape story. You soak up her blog posts, read everything from start to finish then it comes, that brilliantly stupid idea, you pick up your phone, open up your Twitter app, click the search bar, hunt down the girl’s Twitter handle and then you Tweet “what were you expecting going to a man’s house” “dressed like that, anyone would mistake you for a slut”

Please, Please & Please #DontLetTheDevilUseYou if you have nothing better to say just tweet #SayNoToRape and move on.

It’s 7pm, Arsenal has just lost and your neighbor isn’t too happy about it. You hear it, that oh so familiar sound of plates breaking on the tiled floor, followed by the sound of shuffled feet before #Gbam, the loud Thud of a body hitting the floor upstairs. You reach for the remote, increase the volume, walk over to the kitchen to serve a plate of Jollof Rice. You settle back down to watch Chelsea vs Liverpool on Supersport 3 cause nothing is worth missing the match until just then @ the 56th minute you hear sirens outside your door and a couple of paramedics zipping up a body bag (for those in Nigeria, covering the corpse with white cloth), asking why someone would kill his wife over post match vexation.

#DontLetTheDevilUseYou #SayNoToDomesticViolence

It’s the second week of December, you and your team (a couple of self-righteous pricks or gullible lackeys with nothing more to do with their time) decide to visit the “less privileged”. And after hours of smiling and playing nice, you pull out your smartphone, hand your compadre the expensive DSLR and you prepare to take a couple of elaborate selfies with the hungry kids and the bags of foodstuff.

Please!!! #DontLetTheDevilUseYou, help the people or don’t, just don’t post their misery on Social Media for RTs and pats on the back (also known as Likes).

You’re reading this, smiling and nodding to yourself, you’ve found a kindred spirit, someone who understands how you think. You might even think he’s full of it, just another self righteous, self indulgent kid with an Internet connection playing at being an activist. Whichever you think, you might be right, however I’d advice that you get off your ass and do something about it.

#DontLetTheDevilUseYou, Popular quote by a guy whose name continues to skip my mind (yes I’m too lazy to Google it) says:

The only thing required for evil to flourish, is for Good people to remain silent (to DO nothing)

Update: so reports reaching me say the quote is by a Wise man by the name of Edmund Burke (Ps: I still haven’t googled it)

I Remain
Ochuko A. Akpomudjere
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