The Walking Dead!!!

Why are you just like this? Where were you, when God was giving others brains and talents? The people who came top in the class, how many heads do they have? Why must your case always be different? Why? Why?? Why??? Why can’t you just be like everyone else?

These are questions you’ve all heard at some point in your life. Probably even more if you have or you “know” someone who has overreaching/ *cough* African *Cough* parents. You see in my over 20 years of life, I have realized that humans are just about the most confused creatures on the planet.

Popular quote by Benjamin Franklin says “Most people die at the age of 25, but do not get buried until they are 75″, I say 25 is an overestimation. For people are dying day by day and the “life expectancy” seems to be reducing day by day as the world advances.

People are dying everyday and it’s not because of some mysterious disease, rather it’s all because a lot of people have lost their identities. Your identity is that differentiating factor, that gift, that ability, that potential that resides inside of you, that little extra that separates you from the rest of the human population on planet earth.

Remember I said Humans are the most confused creatures on earth? Well here’s why I say this, Humans are born with near limitless potential, yet they never accomplish them simply because the only thing standing between them and where they should be, is “Change”. From birth till death, everything we’ve encountered has geared us into accepting the status quo.

From education, we’ve all been told that there’s only 1 way to live life, only 1 way to succeed, go to school, read any of the 4 highest paying courses, graduate the top of your class and get a job in that high paying firm and you’re made for life. You’re told not to pay attention to your gifts and to shelf your dreams cause only a few people make it in life following their dreams.

So people go through life living lives meticulously planned for them by others, frustrated out of their minds, living forever in the shadow of those who chose to break out of the status quo and live out their dreams. What you’d never know until it’s too late is that the world hates change but celebrates those who dare to be different. Dare to come alive!!!

“Do not ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive”- Howard Thurman

I remain Ochuko A. Akpomudjere

Originally published at on July 21, 2014.

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