I’m sure you’re in good faith, but this is the practical outcome
Eric Lauder


First off, so sorry about your experiences. I understand your explanation about the pendulum but violence on any one male or female should be abhorrent and against the law. In my work on college campus’s 1 out of every 6 men will be sexually assaulted. That’s the reported cases. We don’t ever talk about how violence begats violence and the experience of young boys who see their mothers and fathers in a violent scenario. Or why culturally we reinforce the idea that men cannot control their aggression.

You have to look back at our social contract and how we got here. I can’t agree with you more that it’s fucked up, but I disagree with the idea that men need to suffer before women feel revenged. That’s just not okay. The women that you speak about, are a very small minority. I can speak for myself and many other people who work in this sector, we take all violence seriously and when the pendulum swings too far, how do we protect men from false accusations? It is a hugely complicated issue that should address ALL gender concerns.