Drupal Standard for UK Public Sector

I can find many Drupal suppliers on G-Cloud that can build me a website, but is this site portable between IaaS providers. Yes, you all cry, but when we look into the details, it’s not.

There’s a grey line between IaaS and PaaS, many IaaS providers will supply an operating system, some even preconfigured builds. This needs tuning, hardening and optimising to support Drupal. There is no standard way of doing this and each supplier has their own favorite configuration.

Some will patch the operating system, some will look after PHP, some will tune, some wont. Some will provide a separate managed MySQL database, some wont.

Will supplier A, take over a Drupal installation from Supplier B? May be, but they will need to do a full audit of the configuration.

What I need is a standard configuration that IaaS providers can say they will support and that Drupal suppliers will understand and take over from another supplier.

This should include;

  • Operating System
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • MemCache
  • Security Hardening