Studying Abroad Helps Kent State Students Soar

Many college students are not sure whether they want to go abroad while attending school. So, why study abroad? There are many lifelong assets that students can gain from traveling the world.

Looking at studying abroad from a larger scale, students can gain personal growth, cultural development, language and career skills and most importantly, education. In recent studies 100% of students found improvement in their GPA after returning from their abroad trip, some students even found their GPA to rise twice as quickly.

Kent State has locations in Ohio, Italy, and Switzerland. These locations offer a range of different courses that you can take, along with study tours and trips all throughout the country. Internships and other career opportunities are also available throughout these programs.

Instead of being away for a whole semester, week-long and summer exchanges are available in destinations such as the United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, Brazil and more. Also, The International Student Exchange Program has over 300 institutions in 50 countries that personally match your studies.

Taking the risk of being away for awhile can really broaden your horizons as a student. Seeing different customs, cultures, food, religion and natural wonders of the world can really change a person’s point of view.

When traveling abroad so many new experiences come your way! You learn how to find yourself while discovering new interests and hobbies that are exposed to your life. It has been researched that 80% of students that study abroad feel more adapted to work environments because of the assets they learned from going abroad.

You also make friends that will last a lifetime all throughout the world. During your travels you will meet so many new people and if you stay connected you will be able to go back to their country and continue those lifelong connections. All of this contributes to your personal development.

New perspectives along with a sense of a new language can strongly strengthen your career opportunities as well. Employers strongly value studying abroad experiences because they know they immense knowledge that you gather from the trip. Studies show that 97% of students who have studied abroad found employment within a year of graduating, while only 49% found employment who did not study abroad. Along with that, 25% of those students started their careers with a higher salary then those who did not study abroad.

Having diversity and knowledge of cultures all around the world is a great virtue. Whether you decide to stay in the country you visit and work, or take your experiences back to your homeland you are already a step ahead of a candidate next to you.

Take the opportunity to study abroad while you can. Later in life you will be busy will school, work and family. College is the best and most accessible time to travel, learn and see new things!