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A good friend at my recent book signing looked down at the five books I had on display at the signing table and asked, “How the hell do you find time to do this on top of working full-time and everything else you have going on?”

I really hadn’t thought about it like this and the easiest thing I could think to say to Chris was, “When you love something, you always find time for it.”

And that is absolutely true for me. There are things that I know I have to do, like pay bills and eat, so I accomplish those things by working at CMU 40 hours a week. But there is a whole bunch of time around that that I can be working on the thing that I want to ultimately replace that 40-hour a week income with–which is writing. …

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Once you’ve read several different books or articles on success or watched different speakers teach on the subject of attaining that illusive wonder called, success, you start to notice common threads in what is being said or written. One common thing that I’ve noticed is to be thankful now for things that haven’t even happened yet.

Part of that is having a vision for where you want to be. I’m pretty lost when I meet someone that says they have no vision or desire to see where they want to be in five or more years. If that happens to be you, all I can suggest is to spend more time with yourself and allow it to be ok that you want those things that arise within your conscious mind when you ask yourself that all-important question of, “What do you want? …

When I worked with the insurance company, the president/CEO had a few methods for motivating that I’d say were at best, ineffective. At least ineffective for people like me. The one thing that stands out–and I see where he was trying to go with it but it just didn’t work for me–kind of messed me up.

On conference calls and during trainings he would remind all of us that everyone had stuff they’re going through or have gone through. Well, that’s true enough for anyone to get behind. But he would go on to diminish the pain that we’ve all been exposed to by the natural currents of life. …


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Author of “Choice and Triumph”, “Be a Hero to Your Heart”, “The Blog Book Series”, “Two-Step Success”, & “Karyeator”. Visit my website:

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