Western Beef’s 22nd Annual Employee Appreciation BBQ

On September 16th, 2018, Western Beef hosted its 22nd Annual Employee Appreciation BBQ. The event took place from 4 PM to 8 PM EST in Ridgewood, Queens at the Western Beef headquarters, shared with parent company Cactus Holdings Inc. The event offered typical BBQ staples such as burgers, hot dogs as well as a variety of specialty treats such as Mamita’s flavored ice. For children there were carnival rides and games, a climbing wall, live music and for the employees there were live drawings all night for prizes ranging from flat screen TVs to a $10,000 cash grand prize. Employees and their families were bused in from all over the city and New Jersey, paid for by Western Beef. Over a thousand employees and their families attended the event. The event was attended by the Castellana Foundation board members, including Peter Castellana Jr., and Peter Castellana III. Overall, it was an incredible event full of smiles, good food, and a great activities. Western Beef looks forward to many more in the future. Security for the event was provide by Cactus Holding’s corporate partner ISF Security.

Western Beef would like to thank all of its vendors that attended and supported the event:

U.S. Marine Corps

The American Red Cross


Sun Hing Foods

Arnold’s Meats

Iberia Corp.

AC Bakery Distributors


E&M Ice Cream Inc.

W.M. Brown Group

Cibao Meat

Top Katz Brokers

S. Katzman Produce

Hudson River Fruit

Genpro Inc.

Florida Produce Brokers

Wuhl Shafman

Canyon Sales Company

Family Food

United Food Brands

Victor Joseph & Sons

M&M Packaging

Abimar Foods Inc.

New York Produce

JRC Beverage Inc. and Ski Beer

ISF Security

Originally published at medium.com on September 25, 2018.

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