Where to start reading the Bible

I recommend reading the following books when starting out:

  1. Ephesians: This letter has it all. It details God’s plan of redemption (ch. 1), the gospel (ch. 2), and how a Christian can live a life that pleases God (chs. 4–6). I highly recommend reading any New Testament letter from start to finish. You’ll understand so much more by doing this.
  2. Philippians: A short & sweet letter written by Paul to a church that he’d planted several years before. Paul is nearing the end of his life in this letter and writes to encourage this group of believers.
  3. Colossians: Paul wrote this letter around the same time that he wrote Ephesians, so it has similarities. Paul’s point in this one: Christ is all that a Christian needs. Chapters 3 and 4 are helpful “how to live” chapters.
  4. Acts: The super encouraging story of the early church…and our current sermon series at Integrity Church. Keep in mind that Acts is mostly descriptive (the author [Luke] is describing the events as they happened), rather than prescriptive (“do this”).
  5. Luke: Luke is the prequel to Acts. Luke works as an investigative journalist, carefully compiling the story of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.

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