A Book Review of #BreakIntoVC

#BreakIntoVC: How to Beak Into Venture Capital And Think Like An Investor Whether You’re a Student, Entrepreneur, or Working Professional — by Bradley Miles

“Regardless of whether your goal is to become a venture capitalist or get your company funded, you need to learn how to think and communicate like an investor. This is the quickest way to thrive as you begin your journey.” — Bradley Miles

Bradley began his journey without a blueprint for the road ahead of him. Entering Columbia University with a determination to land a job in what is arguably the hardest industry to enter, Bradley founded Columbia Venture Partners, a student-run venture capital initiative that connects the broader VC community to Columbia’s campus. Along with his internships at Barclays, DCM Ventures, and NextGen Angels, this experience helped Bradley land a job with Stripes Group. Bradley has also written extensively on CoinDesk. Let me remind you something — Bradley just graduated college. But Bradley did not keep the wealth to himself — he produced the first ever systematic guide for students trying to enter the VC world.

“I keep everything open source because that’s how you scale. I see no need to keep this all to myself” — paraphrase of Bradley on the phone with me

If you understand the concept of value investing than you know an asset undervalued by the market should be added to your portfolio. This book is one of those assets. If you seriously want to enter Venture Capital — or even want to learn strategies to better understand VC for your startup — the ROI on this book is far greater than the returns achieved by the best venture firms. The book offers a systematic approach to understanding the industry delivered in a concise format. Bradley offers an overview of VC, strategies to research entrepreneurs and develop a perspective on VC, and priceless sections on financial performance metrics that you can actually understand! With advice for interviews and even a fundamentals of accounting section the book also works as a resource to keep close while taking finance classes. Above all, the case studies section of the book shows the numerous paths actual students have taken to land jobs in Venture Capital.

There are some books you read just once — this is not one of them

Of all the books I’ve read, I could name on one hand the books I’ve re-read multiple times. #BreakIntoVC will undoubtedly be added to the list. The sections on accounting, financial performance metrics, and returns & valuations are a priceless tool to the student of finance. The glossary itself is like having a printed copy of Investopedia on hand. But most importantly, the practical advice on how to act on one’s desire to entire VC — and the public network in the case studies section — continue to offer value after the first read.

Above all, Bradley Miles is an extremely friendly and approachable author. I was lucky enough to speak to Bradley on the phone and his insights have helped me change my plans for my venture capital research project. Bradley could easily stop helping others, but he continues to give back to the community he worked so hard to enter.

Why You Need to Buy This Book

You can buy a print copy on Amazon for just $8.90 or a Kindle Version for just $2.99. Seeing as you likely have paid $300 for countless textbooks filled with jargon, this price is negligible. Considering how this book can help change your future the deal is too good to pass up.

note: I did not have any incentive for this book review other than my love of the book & deep respect for the author

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170 pages. Independently Published. $8.90/$2.99
Insta/Twitter: @BreakIntoVC