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When Mr. Franken says “climate change” he means, of course, the climate change currently under discussion — the recent noticeable and rapid rise in CO2 levels that has caused the recent noticeable and rapid rise in the average temperature of the earth. That one. The one we can do something about. Of course he does not mean all climate changes ever, like the ones that happened before there were humans. That would be stupid. He’s not stupid.

So let’s try not to let our attention wander, eh?

And by the way — the methane levels some people want to talk about and blame on the cows and the pigs? Look deeper. It’s not the animals’ fault we raise them for food all crowded into CAFOs. That’s humans doing that. Thus, human activity.

People didn’t know any better, and people messed this place up, but people know better now, and they can do better. We don’t need Perry.

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