Good meetings don’t happen by accident. At least, they never have for me. I believe this is largely because there is a non-trivial amount of stuff that goes into making a meeting more than mediocre.

There are notes from previous meetings to scan through. There’s an agenda to be considered…

Stuff goes wrong at work from time to time. When it does, we tend to respond in one of three ways.

1. Alarm!

There is a problem! What are we going to do?!

2. Alarm! + Solution

There is a problem! Here’s what I think we should do.

3. Calm + Solution + Alarm

I think we should do this. Doing this…

And the case for using your best judgment.

Let’s Begin With A Thought Experiment

Imagine yourself in a group of ten people. You ask them, on the count of three, to say what you’re supposed to do at a red light. You count to three and, pretty much in unison, everyone says “Stop”. You do the same thing again, now for a green light…

Micromanagement isn’t bad.

But it is widely and alarmingly misused. …

I certainly don’t set out to make mistakes. Nobody does. But I’ve made mistakes in great enough quantity and large enough variety to have learned there are Good Mistakes and Bad Mistakes.

To be clear, the actual mistake itself is never a good thing. For example, just the other night…

I can type twice as fast as I can write with pen and paper. I’m a gigantic believer that the best place for words, thoughts and documents to be stored is in the cloud — not in notebooks, not in filing cabinets.

Digital is fast, smart and convenient. I have…

Your clients hire you because you’re an expert in what you do. They’ve come to you because you have experience and skills that they don’t, and you can design, build, or deliver something they can’t.

Every client worth working with is passionate about their thing, and will have a specific…

Salespeople try admirably to behave like humans. In my experience, many very nearly do, and deserve an A for effort. Well, okay, maybe lots of them don’t deserve an A. But hey, they’re trying.

Problem is, we humans are really good at sensing anything less than a genuinely human interaction…

Mike Taylor

Developing the discipline of Client Experience Design and working alongside some of the most sought-after creative talent in the technology space.

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