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This article left me trying to come up with my favorite Dirk moment…which instead lead to me writing up a list (in no particular order):

  • Dirk singing “We Are the Champions” at the end of the 2011 parade
  • Dirk trying to destroy an exercise bike in Miami in 2006 (In the midst of an historic collapse, I think this began to turn the minds of many who thought he was a soft, robotic Euro that didn’t really care if he won a championship)
  • Dirk dropping 50 in Game 5 of 2006 Western Conference Finals (aka me haggling a ticket broker to death to sell a short on cash 22 yr old a pair of center court tickets for face value after the game had started)
  • His willingness to cut his salary to whatever is needed to give the Mavs the best chance to win
  • His annual hour long interviews with BaD Radio on the Ticket
  • “Take Dat Wit Chew” and “Shut It Down, Let’s Go Home”
  • His charity baseball games/his relationship with the Texas Rangers (see Dirk vs Odor)
  • Dirk on Twitter
  • Where’s Grubes At?
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