Home For a Bit, Then Out Again

Image of Avocado on Sourdough toast w/ goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, sunny side-up egg with a side of home fries from a place in Manhattan called Bubby’s

As you can see, I’ve definitely been making better food choices even when going out to eat. Not to say that the chicken and pancakes wasn’t tempting, it definitely was, but I knew the avocado toast was the best option and part of me knew it was going to taste incredible.

While I found myself being aware of the things I ate and choosing the best option, I was also keeping myself active by walking more. Yes I know it might not seem like much at first, but I definitely feel the difference once I get home and be wanting to nap. I almost never take naps, especially during the summer.

Thursday and Friday were for sure turning points in this journey for me. With keeping my breakfast consist of eggs, turkey bacon, and potatoes to having implemented quick workouts in my day. One thing for sure is I have my car to thank, well not entirely.

You see, one of the reasons I came down from Bing to Brooklyn was to fix my car. So with it being in the shop, I would have to either walk or take the MTA. So I did both.

On Thursday afternoon I decided to get off a few stops early and walk the 40 minutes home. Surprisingly getting home I didn’t want to rest just yet, I had a supply of energy like I wanted to keep walking. I figured what a better time now than to use this energy and start working out at this moment.

Before I knew it I have done 4 sets of 10 push-ups, 3 one-minute planks, 3 sets of 8 pull-ups, 3 sets of 8 curl-ups, and 3 sets of 10 triceps dips. All done in my room, and the only equipment I used was a pull-up bar attached to the roof of my door. Its a small victory nonetheless having done the same Friday afternoon too.

Though it wasn’t long before I had to travel again. Yes I said travel. Coincidently the same week I would be home in Brooklyn, the weekend that followed would also be my fraternity national convention in Pennsylvania. Kudos to them though with the healthy lunch options, that definitely worked to my advantage.

However upon returning to Brooklyn this past Sunday evening, its been tough keeping myself accountable for making sure I do my workout. Part of me just wants to relax because its summer, but I know its been too long since I’ve also been consistent.

So I’ve made a plan, and I’m going to try my best to stay true to this plan. For the rest of the week I would do consistent at-home workouts. Currently my nutrition seems to be going well and hopefully soon I can find a place with healthy options I can consistently get.

My dinner tonight consisted of elbow pasta with beef and tomato sauce. Regardless of its carbs, it was well enough to fill me and still not jeopardize my plans

Photo Taken by me of my dinner: Elbow Pasta with beef and tomato sauce

I’m genuinely looking forward to this following week. If all goes to plan, I can definitely see myself returning to the gym sooner than expected. I will say using the app Home Workout — No Equipment and MyFitnessPal: Calorie Counter has helped me a lot in the past figuring out what workouts I can do and ways to track my calorie intake. Plus both are on the Apple and Google Play store, so I most definitely recommend you getting them, even if you’re just starting off.

If not those apps, is there another fitness app your prefer? If so, why one?



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