Stop Whining About Trump — Invest Instead.

Sure, go ahead and boycott while the rest of us profit.

We get it. No one expected the election results to be as pronounced as they were. Yet a week later, people still haven’t found their minds.

Social media keyboard “warriors” are LITERALLY boycotting companies that do business with the Trump Family or endorsed him during his campaign. Check out the spreadsheet people are continually updating. Really? You’re telling me that you’re going to:

  • Never shop in department stores ever again (Every. Store.)
  • Never shop online ever again (You’re going to give up Amazon? Bunch of liars.)
  • Give up delicious light beer (Yuengling, Miller, Coors…)
  • Quit dieting (Jenny Craig)
  • Stop reading pop culture magazines (People, and more)
  • No longer pay for things online (PayPal)
  • Abandon home improvement (Home Depot)

Please spare the rest of us. You and I both know that you’re full of shit. You have a choice. You could continue to act childish. In that case, buy a pacifier and keep your closed mind to your little echo chamber.

Or, you could grow a pair, get over it, and think about the future. Invest in the future. Don’t worry, we’re coming to the money part, but first let me finish this rant! You could:

  • Invest in the future of this country. Relinquish your frustration by going out and meeting the other side. Persuade others in person. Campaign for what you believe in. Stop sharing articles from your couch and unfriending people with differing opinions. That helps no one — your mere existence is counterproductive.
  • Invest in the future of the less fortunate. Volunteer. Help kids that need mentoring and access to opportunities. We discuss until our faces are blue, but do we act? Feed and shelter the homeless. Provide care to those on their worst days. Build a home for someone more in need than you.
  • Invest in your future. Now the fun part! Promise I’m done bitching.

One way to invest in your future? Stock market investing — and Trump may give you an advantage. I’m not talking risky individual stocks in particular companies, but simple mutual funds that hold hundreds of stocks or bonds at a time. If you’re still tracking, you could benefit monetarily from a Trump Presidency. Here’s how.

If President Elect Trump can implement some of the policy items on his First 100 Days Plan, then these areas of the market stand to benefit greatly:

  • Energy Sector — Trump wants to boost what his predecessors have slowed down: oil extraction, pipelines, refining, etc. Big energy businesses and smaller oil tech/equipment companies would benefit.
  • Defense Contractors — Trump wants to eliminate defense spending sequestration (mandatory decreases in annual spending). He may actually increase spending. So the entire defense industry would benefit.
  • Construction — Trump plans to ignite energy, environmental management, and transportation infrastructure projects. Construction companies that focus on these areas would benefit.
  • Small-Cap Businesses — Trump wants to reduce business taxes and changes tariffs, levies, and trade policies to make it cheaper and easier for companies to keep labor in the USA instead of outsourcing overseas. This is a win for many businesses, but the smaller ones stand to benefit the most.
  • Your Bottom Line — Trump wants to reduce taxes for the middle class. This would have a second order effect where WE spend more money on the following things.
  • Commodities — If we have more money to spend due to less taxes, we’ll but more consumer goods!
  • Auto Industry — If we have more money to spend due to less taxes, we’ll buy more cars!
  • Real Estate — If we have more money to spend due to less taxes, we’ll buy more houses!

And guess what? There are Mutual Funds focusing on every single one of the above sectors/industries (except “Your Bottom Line” of course)! So instead of boycotting, you could add funds in these sectors. Buying into these funds, should Trump’s plans come true, could set you ahead than the rest of the market in a shorter time than, say, a fund that tracks the overall market.

If you’re a little more investing savvy than the average American, you might be screaming at your screen: BUT THE STOCK MARKET IS CRAZY RIGHT NOW! You’re right — the market was predicted to dramatically decline with a Trump win, but instead the Dow Jones had an all time high.


The market will continue to do crazy things, just as it always does (yet with 90% accuracy it can predict who will win the presidential election). One thing is certain: elections have little long term effect on the overall uptrend of the market. You can still win by buying into mutual funds holding many stocks or bonds, and continually contributing to them over the long term. The stock market as a whole always increases in the long term. Do your homework if you don’t believe me!

So stop complaining and get your shit together — before you miss an opportunity. Invest in the future of the country. Invest in the future of those less fortunate. And invest in your future.

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