Blu eCigs work for everyone, or just Ken?

In this ad, we see blu advertising their brand new eCig, the blu Plus+. I think that right off the bat this ad catches your eye and could potentially draw in a lot of consumers. Overall, I think that this ad is fairly effective for a variety of reasons.

In the advertisement, I think that blu does two different things very well to attract potential consumers. To begin with, they utilize several different shades of the color blue all over the ad. Blue is considered to be a “cool” color and is known to relax the viewer and calm them down. This is a smart color to use for this kind of product because it assures that there is nothing to worry about, and that blu eCigs has your back. The consistent use of the color is very effective and it personally makes me feel like the company guarantees they will relieve your craving for nicotine. Furthermore, the eCig company used placement very well. They placed the camera at eye level to this ads subject, Ken. This placement is used to make the advertisement feel relatable. It is supposed to make the viewer feel as if they can have the same success as Ken. It makes Ken seem like an average person, and any average person can utilize blu eCigs to relieve their nicotine addiction.

The need for guidance is the dominant appeal in this ad. It shows an average person leading the viewer down the road of the right eCig. He is guiding the media consumers who fit the target audience to go out and buy blu eCigs. I think that blu’s USP is that the product works for real, average people. This is just a normal guy you could see on the streets, and he is healthier now that he is no longer smoking cigarettes.

Once again, I found this ad to be very effective. It utilizes some very effective methods of advertisement, and it gets to the consumers. But, I do not really think that blu had developed an effective USP. In all honesty, there are about three things that could be considered their USP just from this ad. I think that if they established a definite USP it could become much more successful.