DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (But only the men)

CW’s most recent show, titled Legends of Tomorrow, puts together a band of misfit superheroes to attempt to save the world. Most of these “superheroes” are portrayed as powerful, strong, smart, and in need of a purpose. But, then there are the female characters in the show. Kendra and Sarah are both portrayed as broken, in need of a man, and weaker than the rest of the male heroes in the show. Even when these women are supposed to be heroes, they are still portrayed alongside typical gender stereotypes. The entertainment media tends to portray women as weak, in need of a man, and sometimes even broken.

To begin with, Kendra is portrayed as weak from the first episode of the show. While all of the other heroes have already found and matured their powers, Kendra is portrayed as the confused one. She does not understand her abilities, and she has no idea how to utilize them. All the other men in the show have to attempt to teach her how to be strong and fight with them. Early in the series, the team faces off against a villain and Kendra fails to use her powers and makes a close call with death, but the other men come to the rescue and save her. This is trypical that the men in the show are portrayed as more powerful and have to frequently rescue the women, even though they are all superheroes.

Furthermore, both the female leads in the show are portrayed to be despertate for a man to fill their loneliness. Kendra has been portrayed in a way where she is almost useless without her soul mate, Carter Hall. He was killed early in the show and since then she has been whining, crying, and she has completely lost control of her emotions. It is almost pathetic that she is portrayed to be broken without a man by her side. With the other character, Sarah, they portray her to be lonely. She constantly comes off to be sad, but more recently in the show they have kickstarted a love life for her. This has completely turned her character around and she is almost a different person now.

Last but not least, Kendra and Sarah are both portrayed to be broken and frequently create problems for the team for the guys to handle. Kendra lost her memories and constantly complains about how she does not belong with the team, and she might actually be right. In the show she does more harm than good, digging her team into ditches everytime she tries to be of assistance. It would be hard to count the number of times she almost got her entire team killed. Sarah is portrayed to be extremely violent and emotionless. While this is not typically how women are portrayed on TV, it still does create a problem that the men have to figure out. She can not control herself and the guys on the show have to help her with her issues in almost every episode.

In conclusion, while both these females are casted as “superheroes”, they are much less super than the males on the show. The males are the ones always completing the mission, killing the villains, and rescuing the women. This is a very negative portrayal of women because viewers will begin to think that no matter how strong and powerful some women are, men will always be better. Men will always be superior and women are destined to be saved by them.

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