What do you endure?

What is eating away at you that you MUST do something with your life.

That feeling when you wake up and is there at night-time when you go to bed. There’s a feeling when you walk into a meeting, and you ask yourself — is this it? what am I doing here?

Do you have the fear of being comfortable, do you accept that feeling of being comfortable. Are you willing to push out on what is comfortable within your life, making those dreams you had when you were younger start to come to life. Let those dreams of years back have the chance to add colour to them.

What in your life is dragging you down, whether you are a CxO leader of a large corporate and you have an idea. You will experience pain in moving out of those starting blocks as you think of what is possible. Fear will eat away until it’s left you in that place that sits the many regrets that we have a choice to have or not have.

Define who you are and hold a vision that you will be proud of and will look back on your life and think that I have done the most I can do to achieve what I can achieve. Changing up and moving out of where you are — become creative and innovate your idea. Take your idea, your potential and stick right in front of you.

Cast it into the ocean of what can be yours. You have now the chance to change — whether academic, education, work, family, travel, art; love what you do and have passion in what drives you most. Don’t sit there and complain, if you are not going to do anything about it.

Don’t moan about your circumstance and what’s beating you up. Make yourself stand out and do something about it. When you are beating — drowning. When you are broken. When you are crying. When the tears are streaming down your face and you think it’s not worth it — give in or get up; stand-up, wipe the tears away and take that emotion, that energy and move forward. Move forward across more pain, more tears and more fear — keep moving forward.

When you move forward and when you have clarity on what you want, things will emerge that validate your dreams. Lean into your intuition, your gut feeling that this right — believe it and make your dreams a reality BUT you have to do something about it. Leaving your dream in your head, saying but…I’ll do it tomorrow — it will not evolve unless you take action.

Take action and move forward on what you need, what you want and what your purpose is — it doesn’t matter what it is; it’s yours, it’s not some else’s dream — it’s yours. It’s unique and it belongs to you.

It belongs to you. It belongs to you and you have a duty to do something great with whatever gift has been afforded to you. Or do it tomorrow, next week, next month — it’s not the right time; it’s needs to be perfect.

Ten, twenty, thirty years later, the dream — the desire, has faded — you’ve quit and you will take that failure, that inaction to your grave.

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