Astrological forecast on USD/INR 2019–2020.

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The screenshot of USD/INR on 20.03.2019 at 12:15 pm

The Rupee against the Dollar is currently trading at 68.89 levels. Now let us analyze the weekly chart of USD/INR.

I am expecting weekly close below 68.80–68.90 levels (22.03.2019 Friday) as today is 20.03.2019. The retrograde position of Mercury in Aquarius which will is currently transiting in 6th house of Kanya Rasi(India) suggests that we may see Rupee trading in the range of 66.70 to 68.90 in between March 29, 2019, to April 23, 2019.

Also after 03.05.2019 -15.11.2019, I am expecting USD/INR to break the crucial weekly support of 66.70- 66.90 & touch 63.30 levels.

Rupee will gain more strength after 2020 Jan 3rd-2020 Nov 7th period & will crack down below 63.30 weekly support & will touch 58.25 -58.60 levels.

I am expecting the Indian economy to perform extremely well after 2020 Jan & touch new heights.

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